"I worked with Cory Bensen for nutritional assistance during my triathlon season. Cory prepared a detailed nutritional guideline which I followed prior to my Ironman competitions. Following Cory's recommendations I immediately felt an improvement in my performance, my energy levels increased and recovery time between training sessions was reduced. Incorporating the vitamins and supplements Cory recommended allowed me to maintain endurance training (30+ hours/week), but also have the added edge to perform at a highly competitive level. Without Cory's nutritional guidance I would not have had the successful triathlon season I did. His passion for nutrition is demonstrated through his enthusiasm for his clients' success. I am excited to continue to work with him for all my nutritional needs."

— Karla: Ironman Champion (18-24 age group), Ironman World Championship Qualifier

"As a 59 yr old recreational jogger I work with Cory on a nutrition plan to improve my endurance. After a thorough evaluation of my diet he provided detailed nutrition guideline for me. His suggestions for before and after exercise have resulted in an increase in energy and post recovery well being. The addition of post-workout hydration supplements and more nutrition before runs has provided me with increased energy during the exercise. Adding whole foods into my diet has decreased painful inflammation in my joints after only a few days. Cory's nutritional consultation has given me skills to build a better and healthier lifestyle. His enthusiasm for helping others improve their health and well being is apparent in his professional manner. I would strongly encourage others to get a personal consultation."

— Randal: Suburban jogger and outdoor enthusiast, MD.

"I had the opportunity of working with Cory when I was going through a tough time with my eating habits. I was constantly feeling sluggish and had low energy. Cory came in with a bright open mind, and an extreme wealth of knowledge. He made me feel so comfortable talking about my current eating habits, and I never once felt wrong or judged for what I was doing/eating. A major point that sets Cory apart is the emphasis he puts on what foods to add to your daily routine, instead of eliminating foods. Cory spent hours with me going over the importance of certain foods that were directly catered to my personal needs. I left our sessions feeling so uplifted and encouraged to move in the right direction with my healthy eating. I am so thankful for the knowledge Cory's program provided me with, and highly recommend him to anyone looking to simply feel BETTER in life."
— Steph: Dance Teacher and Spin Instructor